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Drone Services


Key Points

  • 3D Drone Land Mapping & Surveying

  • ​Aerial Photography​

  • Roof Inspections​

  • Thermal Imaging & Inspections ​

  • Agricultural Drone Surveys​

  • Event Aerial Photography ​

  • Marketing Photography ​

  • Real Estate Photography ​

  • Insurance Claim Processing 


  • Point Cloud​

  • 360 Virtual Tours

  • Aerial Photographs 

  • Aerial Film Footage

  • 3D Models

  • Thermal Reports

  • Land Mapping Data

We use the latest DJI Drones to capture high-quality images and data from the air, as well as access places that would have otherwise been high-risk, time-consuming or simply very costly to reach. Please click here for some examples of our work.

We are transitioning towards a world where 3D Data is becoming the standard. Our Drone Surveys not only provide you with a unique way of collecting data, but are also faster and more efficient than traditional surveying methods. Our Drone Surveys are always carried out by a CAA approved and fully insured professionals, allowing us to complete a wide variety of services including drone mapping, aerial photography, roof inspections, thermal imaging, land surveying, 3D mapping and more...

How much does a Drone Survey Cost? 

  • The cost of a Drone Survey is dependent on the size of the area that you want surveying. For a quote, please contact a member of our team.

Are you able to perform Drone Surveys in congested areas such as London?

  • Organising a project in London is possible, however, a non-standard flight application is needed which can take up to 21 days to be approved, something which is not guaranteed. As such, if you have a project in mind for London, please contact us around a month prior to the start so we can organise the admin of the project.

Is there anywhere you are unable to perform a Drone Survey?

  • Yes – we have to abide by the constraints and guidelines enforced by the CAA to protect public privacy. Also, certain airspace across the country requires permission from Air Traffic Control – these are typically around airports or military areas. 

  • We also require permission from the owner of the land in which we want to take-off or land on.

How long does a Drone Survey take?

  • Our Drone Surveying services can vary in time and length depending on the size of your site, however, this service is generally much, much quicker than traditional surveying methods.

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