about sfw360

Drone Services Sector

Since 2021 SFW360 has been providing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), drone inspection and drone survey services to Government Agencies, the Construction and National Infrastructure industries.

We're renowned for our professionalism and dedication to improving safety, mitigating risk, improving operations and reducing operating costs for our Clients through the use of new technology.

We utilise the very latest in sensor technology, to provide our Clients with rich datasets for precision inspection, survey and mapping services to targeted industries. Our groundbreaking operations, technology, and software are providing real-world solutions to traditional problems.

Setting examples in our industry, SFW360 holds a full set of enhanced permissions from the UK Civil Aviation Authority, with the ability to fly 3 times further than any other drone operator, fly at night, and fly closer to the public and roads than other operators.

Matterport Services Sector

We are highly experienced in the latest technologies that provide laser, infrared and 3D photographic scanning. This includes high definition walkthroughs and we utilise a range of equipment which includes Matterport.

We apply a consultative approach to source the best solution for our clients. 

We are based in West Midlands but fulfil service requests across the UK.

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