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Consulting Engineers - Drone Services -  VR Tours


Get to Know Us

We provide the following services:





Consulting Engineers

We provide the following services to the commercial and domestic sectors:

Planning Applications

Condition Surveys

Feasibility Reports

Fabric Surveys

RAAC Surveys



Drone Services

Drone Sector

Licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority, we provide Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), drone inspection and drone survey services to Government Agencies, the Construction and National Infrastructure industries.

Click here for some of our drone videos.

We use the latest DJI Drones to capture high-quality images and data from the air, as well as access places that would have otherwise been high-risk, time-consuming or simply very costly to reach.

We are transitioning towards a world where 3D Data is becoming the standard. Our Drone Surveys not only provide you with a unique way of collecting data, but are also faster and more efficient than traditional surveying methods. Our Drone Surveys are always carried out by a CAA approved and fully insured professionals, allowing us to complete a wide variety of services including drone mapping, aerial photography, roof inspections, thermal imaging, land surveying, 3D mapping and more...


VR Services

As part of our VIRTUAL TOUR services, we provide schematic floor plans for both Residential and Commercial use. Click here for our examples of some VR Tours.

The 3D data platform automatically performs stitching, colour adjustments, white balancing, and more... Plus, each space automatically includes:

  • 3D digital twins - accurate 3D models of real world spaces

  • 4K print-quality photos

  • Guided video tours

  • OBJ, XYZ, JPG, and PDF files

  • 360° Photography

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